Conference Overview

The summit attracts a significant percentage of international policy makers, experts and service providers.

May 11-13
InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort

The African Pensions and Retirement Industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the last decade as shown by the year-on -year increase in the value of Assets under management across the continent.

Although the growth is commendable and welcome, and as the continent embraces the global shift from defined benefit to defined contribution systems; there are inherent challenges and headwinds. For instance, most of the continent’s population -mostly in the informal sector and accounting for almost 80% of the workforce still remains uncovered by any form of retirement scheme and this is chiefly attributable to the fact that most of our pension systems are designed to cover those in formal employment and earning a regular income.

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Some of the key themes / Call for Papers

Who should attend?

All Pension and Retirement Fund Industry Professionals and financial services intermediaries wanting to forge  ahead implementable strategies to tackle current challenges and take advantage of continental and global opportunities to grow their portfolios for their members and contribute to a resilient continental and global economy.

3rd Annual Africa Pensions & Retirement Summit 2022
Policy and Regulatory Reforms

Policy and regulatory reforms remain critical for any substantial improvements in the performance, management and growth of the industry in Africa. Currently policy and regulatory discussions are ongoing regarding Asset Prescription, Governance, Preservation, Annuitisation, Partial access to retirement savings especially due to the impact of the Corona Virus, Member benefits, Returns, post-retirement healthcare /benefits, Harmonisation and transferability of pensions systems in Africa, Management costs and the various risks the industry faces among other issues. Is the pace and direction of reforms on the continent sufficient to give the industry the much-needed new impetus to propel it to new heights?

Longevity Risks and Pension Adequacy

Advancements in technology, healthcare and nutrition globally has shown a direct impact on life expectancy and this has ushered in longevity concerns in which the adequacy of retirement savings has come into question. Can our systems as currently designed withstand this longevity and inflation related risk on retirement savings in the long-term?

What are the Solutions

The 3rd Annual Africa Pensions and Retirement Summit 2022 under the theme " Exploring Critical Policy Reforms and Innovative Strategies for Improved and long-term, and sustainable member outcomes" to be hosted in Port Louis; Mauritius in the backdrop of two hugely successful summits in 2020 and 2021 and hosted in Kenya and South Africa respectively will explore among other issues; critical policy and regulatory reforms required to align the continent's pensions industry with global trends and best practices, explore continental and global investment strategies that can deliver long-term superior and risk -adjusted returns in addition to non-financial returns for social and economic development in the continent- as well as assess potential growth areas to improve the continent's coverage levels especially in the informal sector.

Continental Approach

The summit brings together pensions and retirement industry leaders, investors, regulators, policy makers, trustees, academics, subject matter specialists, financial services intermediaries for a 3-day specialist-led deep dive into critical issues impacting the pensions industry across the continent and explore opportunities and solutions to these challenges.

3rd Annual Africa Pensions & Retirement Summit 2022